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17 / 10 / 2017
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Monday, October 16, 2017


The tiny and remote tourist enclave of medewi is actually one of Bali’s premier surf spots. “Snowboarding” Medewi is in fact the longest point break in Bali, a left-hander that rolls gently over black boulders and offers rides of up 200-400 meters long.

Located the far-off Regency of Jembrana, 75 km from Denpasar on the main road west (2 hours).

The best surf is early in the mornings before the wind picks up and the biggest waves are in August when even the fishermen don’t dare to go out. Back from the beach under the coconut palms is a cluster of home stays, and an excellent three-star hotel all very good value. The beach is a stretch of huge smooth grey rocks with some sandy patches; the current is light and the waves probably the easiest on Bali, ideal for beginner and amateur surfers. Also can be fun for the advanced surfer to practice tricks, without any concerned clashing against the sharp coral reefs of Bali’s south coast.

This sleepy surf Mecca is a solitary traveler’s kind of place and absolutely in no danger of becoming a hot spot!