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In Bali, there is not a day without a ceremony happening. Villages and their inhabitants put on their most beautiful clothes to show their attachment to the gods. The Balinese calendar is different from our calendar, there are 210 days in a year, the dates of the ceremonies vary every year. During the full moon, the ceremonies double. 

In the archipelago there are many holidays. It is difficult to make a specific calendar because their date moves every year following the lunar calendar. The main holidays are:

  • Odalan which marks the beginning of every year, every 210 days, ceremonies are then very numerous.
  • Galungan and Kulingan: every 210 days, Galungan and Kuningan celebrates the creation of the universe. The Balinese think that the gods and the the ancestors’ spirit are coming down towards the temples. There are uncountable ceremonies and the festivities last ten days.
  • Saraswati is a holiday dedicated to the goddess of the knowledge. The Balinese pay tributes to books by sprayings sacred water on them 
  • Pagerwesi is celebrated for the spiritual strengthening, the prayers and the offerings are made to save the humanity.
  • Tumpek is a ceremony where the Balinese make various offerings. Every 35 days, Balinese make offerings for the precious goods as the iron objects (Tumpek Landep), the animals (Tumpek Kandang), the shadows (Tupek Wayang), the trees (Tumpek Uduh) or the musical instruments, the masks and the other objects which are used during ceremonies (Tumpek Krulut).
  • Nyepi, 4 days before Melasti. Melasti is celebrated everywhere in the island. It is a big holiday of purification. The Balinese go in the sea to be pure again. Nyepi is the day of silence, nobody can go out or switch on of light. Airports are closed and everybody stays at home. Nyepi is when the ghost comes down on the earth and the only way to make him go is the absence of life. It is sometimes forbidden to leave the hotel.

Every year you can also enjoy the festival of the arts of Bali which takes place in the middle of June until July in Denpasar. There is also the Kites Festival happening in August in the island.