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Hindu Swastika

Swastika, the symbol of safety and happiness if we describe the position of God as the guard of all the directions of the world. The symbol of Swastika is the symbol of safety and peace, happiness and blessing in Hinduism. The word Hindu means holy, clean and peaceful. Swastik is derived from the Sanskrit word “Svastika” who means “good”.

There are two types of Swastikas, facing right and facing left. Both the forms indicate the two forms of Lord Brahma evolution and involution.

In the Swastika Facing Right the arms bend clockwise. It is considered auspicious and represents Lord Ganesh, Surya (Sun) and Nagas (Snakes). In Hinduism, the symbol is widely used during marriages, festivities and other auspicious occasions. It is also drawn on the floor of many Hindu houses. The front page of account books and other records relating to finance often contain the Swastik symbol.

In the Swastika Facing Left the arms bend in anti-clockwise direction. It is considered inauspicious and represents involution.

The Swastika has numerous other symbolisms attached to it. It represents the four directions North, South, East and West that making it a representation of stability.

It is also believed to have derived the ‘Chakra’ thus making it ‘the wheel of life’.