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19 / 09 / 2017
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Cremation Ceremony

Cremation ceremonies are the most surprising ceremonies in Bali. They take place especially in July and August. All the cremations are planned and announced a long time in advance. It is possible to attend this kind of ceremony, the Balinese accept and welcome tourists to share their culture. 

In Bali, when a Balinese dies, its last great journey begins, the immortal soul is finally free and it can be reborn under a new shape.

The cremation has to take place 42 days after the death. However these ceremonies are very expensive, also they are often collective, several families of the same village organize together a cremation which will open the doors of the other world to sometimes more than 20 souls. In that case the deceased are buried in a cemetery, waiting for the day of the cremation, they are then extracted from their graves, this can take several years. However everyone does it because as long as the body is not entirely burnt, the soul roams and can hurt people.

The body is burnt in a sarcophagus that always has the shape of an animal (bull, lion, fish, elephant).

The tower on which they transport the body symbolizes the cosmos and is coveredwith materials. Some towers are a real piece of art.

The body is placed in the tower, and the procession turns it in all directions to make sure that the spirit doesn’t find the way to the village. The incineration is the moment when the soul, prisoner of the body, escapes. It has to be completely burnt.

Once it is over, the family collects the ashes and scatters them offshore most of the time.