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22 / 09 / 2017
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Bali Surfing

Every surfer all around the world surf Bali one day in his life and comes back… Swells come from the Indian Ocean, Antarctica, in the dry season the west coast has the best breaks and in the wet season, this is the eastern side works better.

This is the place where the Indonesian surfing movement was born. The charm of surf is everywhere, Kuta concentrate the most important surf shops in the world. There are types of waves for everyone, where you’ll learn and improve your balance or try to confront with the local surfers.

Along the rocky sandstone cliffs and curving coastline of the Bukit Peninsula, you’ll find 8 renowned spots that can give for sure to everyone what they are looking for. Meeting area of the professional surfers, the challenge of surfing big machine waves, sequences barrel after barrel with perfect walls is here.

Wait the wet season, swells over 6ft and the South East Coast of Bali will be your dream with excellent world-class barrels. Don’t be too proud of yourself because some waves could break everything.

Quite surprising to find, in front of the five star resort hotels, one of Bali’s best reef breaks with very consistent swells. Where the crowd comes during the wet season when the South -East coast gives the better waves.

Get away for a while from Bali and profit of the generating surf of Nusa Lembongan. Like nature surfing as to look like, a paradise environment with great waves. Works during the dry season.

WEST COAST SURFING. Surfing the west coast of Bali will offer you the chance to find your own spots on your route to the both favorite spots. The only important thing is that you have to stand on your surfboard at sunrise, before the wind comes and the swell gone.