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19 / 10 / 2017
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Bali Reptiles Park

The Reptiles Park Mengwi in Bali covers more than 2 hectares of land within large tropical gardens.

The Park host many endangered species such as the Komodo dragon, many kinds of Crocodiles, Cobra, Pythons, Iguanas and various Lizards. The park also present snakes trance dances and the amazing crocodile fighting demonstrations.

Mostly visited by Europeans, Australians, and Russians tourist, the whole environment is dark, cool, with a verdant labyrinth of winding leafy stone pathways, stairways, walled enclosures, waterfalls, lotus and water lily ponds. A large, attractive canopied courtyard contains pools, waterfalls and trees in which slithering pythons and iguanas roam about and bask in the branches.

In this unique open-air space visitors, under supervision, may pose for photographs with the animals.