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19 / 10 / 2017
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Bajra Sandhi Monument

The Bajra Sandhi Monument in Bali is built to remind the struggle of Balinese people. It called Bajra Sandhi because of its form looks like a bell that used by Hindu priest in reading Wedha holy sentence.

Its physical building is strongly relating to the meaning of Hinduism philosophy, Yoni colossus.

It was built in the year 1987 and it’s opened by President of Megawati Sukarno Putri on 14th June 2003.

This monument comprises of 33 diaporama, the journey history from a period of prehistory (300.000 S.M) & the period of filling the independence (1950-1975). With its monument, Bali people is expected the tighten of the spirit and cultural to increase Bali tourism.

You will visit it on your way to Denpasar. It’s always interesting to comprehend the history of one nation while you’re visiting it.