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19 / 08 / 2017
11:40 am


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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Water treatment plant starts cleaning wastewater in Bali

En prévision d'une crise prédite de l'eau propre à Bali, le gouvernement de Badung, le gouvernement de Denpasar, et l'agence de Coopération Japan International ont collaboré pour créer le Projet de développement des égouts de Denpasar.

The project management of drinking water began operations, wastewater treatment in the region of Suwung. The treated water is household, and includes wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and washing machines. The project eliminates the need for septic tanks. It is also relatively cheap and cost only Rp 15.000 to 25.000 per month for private families and hotels. The project can now produce only nine thousand cubic meters of drinking water per day, equivalent to 100 liters per second. This is still far from meeting the anticipated needs of 2015, which should reach 1 500 liters per second.