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18 / 10 / 2017
7:23 pm


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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The tourism industry urged not to exploit the Balinese arts

Les industries liées au tourisme ne doivent pas exploiter les arts traditionnels balinais en offrant des spectacles de qualité inférieure pour divertir les touristes nationaux et étrangers qui visitent l'île.

The hotel managers are required to provide adequate facilities if they want to present Balinese show, be it a dance or gamelan. In many hotels, the artists perform with a very limited equipment, which of course affects the quality of performance. Many hotels pay between Rp 500,000 and Rp 2 million by the troops of art every time they perform, but the amount of money is insufficient to cover their production costs. The provincial government of Bali will monitor the performance of art in the hotels of the island and they have already given certifications of eligibility art troupes to perform before the public.