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18 / 10 / 2017
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The cradle of Balinese Hinduism

L'ancien texte Siwa Purana dits que le temple de Samuantiga a été construit pendant le règne du roi Candrasangka.

Curiously, Candrasangka was never mentioned in any existing registrations issued from ancient kingdoms. Many researchers believed that the pseudonym was Candrasangka Chandrabhayasingha Warmadewa, a 10th century king whose palace was Bedahulu, known as Bedulu today. The temple became known in the 11th century during the reign of King Udayana Warmadewa after a large gathering of senior government officials led by Mpu Kuturan, leaders of various religious sects and representatives of Aga Bali (Balinese native). The tripartite meeting resulted in the name (literally the gathering of the three) Samuantiga.