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19 / 08 / 2017
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bali set for 18 additional religious holidays in 2012

The provincial government of Bali has set 18 working days as local holidays due to various Hindu religious rituals in addition to the 13 national holidays and five official joint leave days off during 2012.

The special local holidays are so that the Balinese can do their religious activities properly. Many businesses in town swap and compensate holidays between the religions to keep their businesses going through the year.

The 18 local holidays are: 

Jan 22-23 (Siwa Ratri), Jan 31 (Penampahan Galungan), Feb 01 (Galungan), Feb 02 (Umanis Galungan), Feb 10 (Penampahan Kuningan), Feb 11 (Kuningan), Feb 12 (Umanis Kuningan), Mar 22 (Tawur Agung Kesanga), Mar 24 (Ngembak Geni), Jun 16 (Saraswati), Jun 20 (Pagerwesi), Aug 28 (Penampahan Galungan II), Aug 29 (Galungan II), Aug 30 (Umanis Galungan II), Sep 16 (Penampahan Kuningan II), Sep 17 (Kuningan II), Sep 18 (Umanis Kuningan II)

The national holidays are as follows: 

Jan 01 (New Year’s Day – already passed), Jan 23 (Chinese New Year), Feb 05 (Maulid Nabi, the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW), Mar 23 (Nyepi, day of silence)Apr 06 (Good Friday), May 06 (Vesak Day), May 17 (The Ascension of Jesus Christ), Jun 17 (The Ascension of Prophet Muhammad SAW), Aug 17 (Independence Day), Aug 19-20 (Eid ul Fitr), Oct 26 (Eid al-Adha), Nov 15 (Muharram, Islamic new year), Dec 25 (Christmas)

Meanwhile official joint leave days are: 

May 18 (official leave for the Ascension of Jesus Christ), Aug 21-22 (official leave for Eid al-Fitr), Nov 16 (official leave for Muharram, Islamic new year), Dec 24 (official leave for Christmas)