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20 / 10 / 2017
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

1,800 handicraft designs copyrighted by third parties

L'Agence commerciale et industrielle de Bali revendique que des tiers ou des hommes d'affaires étrangers se réservent les droits de 1800 produits artisanaux.

Governor Made Mangku Pastika has instructed us to prevent more Balinese handicrafts from being copyrighted by other parties. It is feared that local artisans will have to pay royalties to those parties in the future. This year, the local government plans to register 11 handicraft designs with the Law and Human Rights Ministry in Jakarta to help local artisans protect their creations, since most artisans remain unaware of the importance of copyrighting their creations. As of last year, the government has helped register 94 products, comprising 61 trademarks, 22 copyrights and 11 industrial designs. Meanwhile, the number of products registered by individual artisans reached 729 items, still low compared to the 74,938 enterprises in Bali.