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20 / 09 / 2017
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ubud in Bali is the charm where days become weeks and weeks become months… Known all around the world, tourism in Ubud has a focus on culture and nature. Plenty of museums, galleries, boutiques, and restaurants.

With fresh and pleasant atmosphere, an amazing panorama, Kintamani  village in Bali will gives you many impressive experiences.

You will be amaze along the street of Celuk in Bali, known for its silver and goldsmiths. This is the place where jewelry meets high taste arts with high quality products.

What an artistic village Batubulan is! It also fabricating “Batik”, a beautiful traditional cloth. Batik is hand drawn or stamped employing traditional designs.

The art village of Batubulan is famous in Indonesia and all over the world, which has been built based on an artistic blessing dance of Barong. Batubulan is the source of the stunning temple gate guardians seen all over Bali.

The genuine and most fertile rice fields terraces in the island, suits with the meaning of ‘Jatiluwih’, which is ‘Truly Marvelous’. No wonder this breathtaking rice fields become the favorite tourist destination in Bali.

The famous stunning rice terraces of Bali, which spread all over the island, reputedly the most beautiful in the world.

The traditional village of Penglipuran is a most stop due to its natural beauty. You’ll feel one of the 192 families.

Sidan village is well known with its own very beautiful panorama because located on the hill area. Beside the nature’s beauty, Sidan village also known has various tourism objects, including the ancient historical places.

The attractive point of this village is the people who are living with their agricultural activities and as statues carvers. You can buy crafts made of wood, like wooden banana tree, flowers, antique statue, Garuda statues, etc…